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PASSIVE INCOME- 15%+ Lending (buyback guarantee) (Bilbo)

Compensación: 15%+
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Register now to become part of an international community of investors and get an exclusive bonus of up to EUR 1000.

On Mintos, you can earn up to 15% in passive income annually by investing in loans originated by alternative lending companies worldwide.
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Please register with the code: HQ8FQ5 to get your bonus.

Registration is free, and there are no fees for investing.

Why invest through Mintos?

Unmatched diversification
Mintos provides unparalleled diversification possibilities across different borrowers, loan types, loan originators, and geographies - all within a single marketplace. Currently, you can invest in loans issued by 58 loan originators from 28 countries on five continents - Europe, Asia, Africa, North America and South America.
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Investor protection
At Mintos, we take investor protection seriously. The interests of investors are safeguarded by several layers of risk mitigation. For many loans, a buyback guarantee is offered - if the borrower fails to repay the loan for more than 60 days, the loan originator buys back the loan from the investors.

Easy to use
Investing in hundreds - or even thousands - of loans and building a well-diversified portfolio has never been easier. You can choose loans one by one or set up our Auto Invest tool to do the work for you. You can invest in multiple currencies and start as small as EUR 10 or an equivalent in another currency.
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